1. Can we have your first and last name, please? *

Hi {{answer_54041390}}! Let's talk about your cake...

2. What is the size of your cake? *

*each tier (or layer) is approximately 5 inches height

3. Which cake(s) you like best? *

You can send us your peg(s) too via email, viber or Facebook :)

4. Is your cake all edible? If not, please let us know how much you want you and your guest to enjoy *

e.g. bottom edible tier only, top tier and middle tier edible only, etc.
Now, let's discuss about your party details!

5. When will the party be held? *

6. Where will we deliver your cake or the party be held? *

Complete address, please. We'll need this for delivery. A location map will be sweet!
7. Can we have your contact number please? *

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